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Terms and Conditions

JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", through its Internet page called, will sell to any person, who will be identified as "User", who will be able to acquire all kinds of goods that are published.

Website of the Company: This is the website of JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ under the name, in which JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ publishes offers of sale, where the user can register to acquire the published Products, make Orders , get in touch with JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ or in customer service through the email [email protected], among others.

Declarations: JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ declares that it is a Company legally constituted under Mexican law, that it has all the necessary permits to fulfill its Social Object and that it does not have any type of impediment or limitation to comply with the aforementioned Object, which includes, the celebration of the contract.

JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ grants the User a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, personal license for an indefinite term, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, to use the Site, in order to endorse, manifest or be interested in acquiring and acquiring through the Offer of Sale the products that are published on the Website. The way to use the Site is personal and non-transferable.

JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ declares to be the owner of the Goods or Products that are in the Sales Offers, in addition to all the elements covered by intellectual property rules. All the foregoing for the purpose of the Contract.

JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ declares that the net content of the Product published in the Offer of Sale corresponds to the Quality, brand and other elements indicated in the Offer of Sale itself.

JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ reserves all rights not expressly granted under this document. This contract and any rights and licenses granted here, may not be transferred or assigned by the User but JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ will be able to transfer or assign them without any restriction.

The User accepts Terms and Conditions and is obliged to everything stated in them.

The User agrees that the warranty exclusions and limitations of liability established above are fundamental elements of the basis of these Terms and Conditions.

The User is aware that the data traffic that provides access to the Site is supported by a service provided by the telecommunications service operator selected and contracted by the User and that such contracting is totally independent of the Site.

The User acknowledges that the fees charged by the operator of telecommunications services of their choice and the applicable taxes may affect the data traffic necessary for eventual downloads and announcements by a third party on the device.

The User declares and acknowledges that the downloading of any content on the Site does not confer ownership on any trademarks displayed on the Site.

Restrictions: Any violation of these Terms and Conditions by the User will generate the right in favor of JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ, at any time and without the need for prior notification of any kind, suspend or terminate the provision of services and / or withdraw or deny access to the Site to the transgressor User, as well as remove or remove it from the Registry.

The Site can only be used for lawful purposes.

Any type of copy, distribution, transmission, retransmission, publication, printing, diffusion and / or commercial exploitation of the material and / or content made available to the public through this Site is strictly prohibited, without the prior express consent in writing. of JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ or, where appropriate, the owner of the corresponding property rights. Failure to do so will subject the offender to all civil claims and criminal penalties that may apply.

The parents or guardians of minors will be responsible for the acts performed by them as provided by these terms and conditions, including damages caused to third parties, actions taken by them and that are prohibited by law and by the provisions of this agreement, without prejudice to the user's responsibility, provided that the latter was not the parent or legal representative of the minor offender.

At the time of the User Registration will not be accepted and may be canceled at any time, email addresses (e-mails) or any data containing expressions or graphic-verbal sets that have been previously chosen by another user or, that of In some other way, they were insulting, high-sounding, coinciding with trademarks, commercial names, establishment announcements, company corporate names, advertising expressions, names and pseudonyms of persons of public relevance, famous or registered by third parties, whose use is not authorized or who in general, contrary to the law or moral requirements and generally accepted good practices, as well as expressions that could induce other people by mistake, making it clear that the User will respond for improper use in both civil and criminal, if Apply

The User must not Upload, publish or in any other way dispose on the Site of any material protected by copyright, trademark registration or any other intellectual property right without prior and express authorization of the owner of said right.



Our return policy is very simple. You can return any item purchased in JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ for the following reasons:

• If the article has manufacturing defects.

• If there is a mistake in the submitted article, as long as it does not show signs of abuse or use.

• If the shipment is in a city where you have a branch, you can go directly to the nearest physical store and make the return.

In case you do not like it and want a different one or a different size, if you can make the change as long as it IS IN GOOD CONDITION, the cost of parcel would run by the customer or, if Any city where there is a branch may go to your nearest store.

To make a return effective you must follow the following steps:

1) In the case of merchandise with defect or by mistake returns are accepted only in the first 15 calendar days from the delivery of the product.

2) In the reception of erroneous or damaged merchandise the physical change of the same will be applied only if it was reported during the first 15 calendar days after its delivery, to the following telephones: Customer Service Numbers 01 (475) 953 1462 or mail [email protected] attaching a description and photograph that shows the type of damage by manufacturing. * Send a photo indicating the manufacturing defect.

3) We will review the application and send a confirmation number of the return of the product via email as well as an electronic pre-paid guide.

4) Our client must send the specified product via - (FEDEX) - at no cost, to the address specified in the pre-paid guide.

5) We will communicate immediately via email to notify the delivery of the new product.

6) The returns do not generate any cost to our customers in a notification period of 15 calendar days.



Our reimbursement policy is very simple, if the product presents a manufacturing damage or an error in the sending of the same a refund will be effective under the following conditions.

1) In the case of defective merchandise, refunds are accepted only in the first 15 calendar days from the delivery of the product.

2) La notificación de la mercancía equivocada o dañada se aplicará el reembolso de la misma solo si esta fue reportada durante los primeros 15 días posteriores a su entrega, a los siguientes teléfonos: Teléfonos de Atención a Clientes: 01 (475) 953 1462 o al correo [email protected] adjuntando una descripción y fotografía para demostrar el tipo de daño por fabricación. * Enviar una fotografía señalando el defecto de fabricación.

3) En caso de reembolso, el cliente se envía vía correo electrónico una guía antes de la página de Creaciones Maylin. Así mismo el cliente deberá presentar la guía prepagada en las oficinas de (FEDEX). Además de enviar el producto adquirido en excelente estado, sin usar y en su empaque original a través de —- (FEDEX) —- dentro de los primeros 15 días naturales sin costo alguno. A partir de dicha fecha no será aplicable esta política.

4) At the moment we deliver the product we will contact us to confirm the receipt of the goods and start the refund process.

5) If the purchase was made with a credit or debit card, the customer will be asked to send an official identification (IFE or Passport) on both sides and the credit / debit card used for the purchase by the two sides (you can cover the 8 numbers in the middle and the security code). If the customer does not want to send the card with which it was purchased, you can send the cover of the last current account statement of the card with which the purchase was made.

6) Within a period of 5 to 7 days, JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ will reimburse the total value paid by the customer in the same way in which the product was purchased.



1) In case the client wishes to change the product received by another variant of the model, either color or size. The client must report the correct description of the merchandise that he wishes to change to [email protected] within the first 15 calendar days.

2) The company will send an approval order.

3) The client will receive via mail a prepaid guide and will have to send the exchange product via courier - (FEDEX) - to the company and JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ will be responsible for resending the requested product.

4) The shipment of the new product may take between 5 to 7 business days. In this case the company will absorb the expenses generated by this shipment in a single time. After a second change request, the client must absorb the shipping costs.

If you have not received the merchandise, you can send us an e-mail to: [email protected] or call: 01 (475) 95 31462.


Receiving payments

Payments will be accepted with bank transfer, cash deposit and credit and debit card payments. Payments through PayPal and Openpay.

For payments with bank transfer or payment in Oxxo, the buyer will have maximum 2 working days to make the deposit or transfer of the agreed amount to pay, otherwise the order will be canceled and the product will be put on sale again.

For credit or debit card payments and purchases of 3 or more items, the customer may be asked to send an official identification (IFE or Passport) on both sides and the credit / debit card that was used to scan it. the purchase on both sides (you can cover the 8 numbers in the middle and the security code). If the customer does not want to send the card with which it was purchased, you can send the cover of the last current account statement of the card with which the purchase was made.

In case the client requests the return of his money, he must send the same documents to verify the ownership of the used card.

Payments by transfer (SPEI), credit or debit card and cash payment in convenience stores (url  they are processed through the Openpay platform. And follow the processes mentioned above.

Cash payments at Oxxo stores are processed through the Conekta platform. And follow the processes mentioned above.

Contract term

The Contract ends at the moment the parties comply with their obligations.

JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ may terminate the Contract in advance if:

•The Price is not paid on time, to which effect the parties expressly agree that the lack of total or partial payment will result in the termination of full right. • The User fails to comply with any of the obligations assumed in this document. JOAQUIN ROMO GUTIERREZ may choose to demand the execution of its obligation to pay the price or rescind the Contract and compensation, and may also demand compensation for damages.

Validity of the Terms and Conditions The Company, as well as the User, acknowledge that the Terms and Conditions are of unlimited validity.

Last update: 08/01/2018