About us

Learn more about Maylin Creations, their dresses and products for all kinds of events.


1. To provide our customers with the highest quality garments with avant-garde and innovative designs.

2. To put at the reach of the consumers dresses of celebration and accessories of excellent quality to a good price, with exclusive fashionable designs.


1. Positioning ourselves internationally as the best financially solid company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and marketing of children's fashion. Focused on satisfying the needs of our customers by offering avant-garde and elegant garments.

2. Creaciones Maylin wants to consolidate, grow and position itself as the leading brand in the clothing and textile clothing sector, which is internationally recognized for the quality and design of its products, through excellent service and attention aimed at ensuring satisfaction and expectations of each of our clients under strict profitability principles. In Maylin creations we are committed to create not only a garment of excellent quality, but to wear dreams and illusions.


  • Love and passion in everything we do (passion, enthusiasm, generosity and quality).

  • Treat others as you would like them to treat you (respect, honesty, loyalty, social responsibility).

  • Dream and make our dreams come true (innovation, ambition, entrepreneurial spirit, personal and professional development).

  • Teamwork and excellence (teamwork, responsibility, continuous improvement, excellence).